An Overview of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a charming and laid back city that can be found sandwiched between a unique inland sea and a picturesque snow-capped mountain range. The city is situated is Utah, and is famous for its Mormon heritage and it is a great place for skiers as well as hikers, mountain bikers or anyone who has a love for the Great Outdoors to explore during their leisure time.

Salt Lake CityTemple Square can be found in the very heart of the downtown area of the city and boasts a number of interesting attractions such as Temple, Assembly Hall and Tabernacle. Visitors should note that only Mormons are permitted to enter the Temple and this is not really seen as a sightseeing attraction, although the building is adorned with a number of embellishments that people who have an interest in architecture will definitely admire. The Assembly Hall and the Tabernacle on the other hand are open to general public and many interesting concerts are organized here throughout the year.

It is worth taking time out of your schedule to explore Museum of Church History and Art, and do remember to secure a spot in Temple Square from which you can watch the world go by is a real treat as it is surrounded by impressive architecture.

Visitors who go on a short stroll to the east of the downtown area will have the chance to explore Trolley Square. This is one of the city’s main entertainment zones and there are a number of excellent restaurants, cool cafes, shops and a whole bunch of other types of entertainment zones to explore here.

People who want to get a real feel for the size and charm of the city should take the trek to the top of Capitol Hill. From the very top, you can see that the entire city is spread out below and after taking in the breath taking view, visitors will be able to spend time exploring the Pioneer Memorial Museum.